Walks Around the World is a boutique travel advisory focused on delivering unforgettable memories.

Our approach is to take time to learn about YOU in order to uniquely design each trip while adding thoughtful touches and providing world-class service. We will be your ongoing partner in designing trips you’ll remember for a lifetime.

We have connections.

As an independent affiliate of Brownell Travel, a Virtuoso member, and the oldest and most prestigious travel agency in the United States, we have preferred relationships with the industry’s best hotels, tour operators, cruise lines and resorts around the globe.

Through these partnerships, our personal network and obsession with delighting our clients, we get you the VIP treatment and exclusive access you didn’t think were possible.

Meet Jessica.

Owner & Travel Advisor

Jessica’s 3rd best spoken language is Mongolian. Her closet is color coded by style. And, she has experienced just about every type of lodging, transportation and style of travel from a luxury cruise through the Galapagos Islands to a rural homestay in the highlands of Vietnam and everything in between.

After spending a year traveling around the world, Jessica knows the transformative power of experiencing global cultures and how thoughtful planning allows you to truly be present. Upon returning to the States, she founded Walks Around the World and officially joined the travel industry.

Combining her passion for travel and planning with her hyper-organized and service-driven personality, she creates unique itineraries tailor made for each client. Jessica draws from her extensive personal travels to craft authentic experiences around the world and in combination with Brownell’s vast network of global connections, she has the ability to elevate every trip while maximizing the client’s time away from home and providing top-notch recommendations individually suited to every traveler.

Jessica firmly believes travel brings us together and heals the soul, leaving us with long-lasting memories. Because of this, she is passionate about providing the best client experience possible from the first meeting to hearing of your adventures upon return. Through individualized connections, she strives to build meaningful and enduring relationships, taking the time to get to know your interests, preferences and favorite past travel experiences to design journeys that will surprise, delight and expand the horizons of the world you know.

Meet Hailey.

Travel Coordinator

Hailey is affectionately known as “Karns-cierge” (a play on her last name) among her family and friends. She has always taken the reins with group trips to spearhead hotels, dinner reservations, excursions and every other stop along the way. She has had the travel bug from a young age, having been around the world to Greece, Indonesia, Lebanon and far beyond…and she is just getting started!

Hailey has ventured far and wide to experience a variety of accommodations and transportation methods. From luxury five-star hotels in Hong Kong to thrifty stays in Prague, there is no limit to what Hailey is eager to explore. 

After high school, Hailey was invited to study in London for a year before going to USC. While most of her friends were moving into their dorms at nearby colleges, she was flying thousands of miles away to live on her own in a foreign country. This experience gave Hailey the freedom & independence to visit to a new country almost every other weekend. Hailey strives to form genuine connections with those who she meets on her personal explorations along with sharing knowledge and tips she has gained along the way. 

In her free time, she takes the helm when gathering with friends — often setting up “off-grid” events and finding the best new spots to eat. Hailey’s years in Aspen, Colorado, further strengthened her bond with nature, a connection she strives to maintain wherever she goes. Originally from Dallas and educated in London and Los Angeles, Hailey now calls New York City home. With three international airports within an hour’s drive, NYC serves as the perfect home base for her ongoing adventures.

Core Values

Our Mission is to develop meaning relationships with each of our clients in order to deliver unforgettable memories every time you leave home.

We aim to help you experience the world as a traveler and not a tourist – appreciating unique cultures, connecting with locals and exploring the far corners of the globe in style.

Unique Adventures.

We know how big the world is and many amazing locations are just waiting to be discovered. We’ll take your interests, preferences and favorite travel experiences and craft an itinerary that will surprise, delight and push the boundaries of the world you know.

It’s All in the Details.

We’re obsessed with the little things, going above and beyond for our clients and meticulously planning the perfect experiences. It’s the details that turn an average trip into one you’ll never forget. Combining our culture of service with our industry leading knowledge and technology, you can travel and focus on enjoying the experiences knowing everything is taken care of.

Lasting Relationships.

We are in this for the long haul! We develop long term relationships with our clients and our global vendors. This means we will plan the perfect trip for you and that you’ll get the best guides, on the ground assistance, and services at your destination. Not to mention the VIP treatment!


We have been working with Jessica since we got married and planned our honeymoon – which was hands down the best trip of our lives. She takes all the stress out of finding activities, coordinating different components of a trip and finding the best rates for booking. We always have the absolute best time on trips that Jessica plans for us and she always includes such sweet memorable details! All we ever need to do is get on the flight and just enjoy our trips. We couldn’t be more thankful to her for helping us create amazing memories!


Jessica was a pleasure to work with throughout the planning process of our vacation. She was a great listener and asked thoughtful questions to help us hone in on the details of our trip. She was attentive to details and was creative in helping us determine the best itinerary for our holiday. She was “on call” every moment leading up to the trip, during the trip, and even after we returned to make sure we were having the best experience possible. I would highly recommend her to others.


Jessica was great. She really took the time to understand what prior experiences especially resonated with my family (me, my wife, and 2 adult kids), and translated that into a curated Japan trip that delivered on the varied, demanding, and sometimes odd ways my family enjoys going deep when exploring a new country and culture.


Walks Around the World designs custom journeys that take you to experience the world.

We tailor every trip based on your unique interests and travel style, providing access to adventures and places you never knew existed.

Our mission is to surprise and delight, provide unparalleled service, and develop long-term relationships that span the globe.