Why hire a travel advisor?

Travel is complex.

The average trip typically involves somewhere between 5 and 15 vendors from airport pick ups to museum tours. And, a seamless trips require coordination between them. In addition, the hidden parts of travel – insurance, airfare classes, hotel room categories – also require time and expertise to understand. Different languages and time zones further complicate and slow down DIY travel. We eliminate these problems so clients only need one point of contact for any questions or needs.

Research takes time.

The internet and travel sites were supposed to make traveling easier. It’s a fire hose of information that is difficult and time consuming to sort through, not to mention filled with uncertainty. Online travel aggregators (Trip Advisor, Google, hotels.com and the like) are often conflicting, skewed towards mid-range, out-of-date or even manipulated and booking through those channels rarely end with anything other than the most basic packages. We meticulously research every part of the trip to provide top-notch recommendations and personally tailored itineraries filled with unique experiences from highly vetted partners not available online.

It’s all about who you know.

If you aren’t solely DlYing the trip, you still have to establish a new relationship with each destination-specific consultant or work with a credit card advisor, who occasionally get clients upgraded, but often do not know you, your preferences or advise on things you never considered. With deep industry connections all over the world, we will be sure to take care of everything you need while you receive VIP treatment and value-added amenities at no additional cost to you. If we haven’t been there ourselves, we know people who have so you can be confident that our personal recommendations will meet, or better yet, surpass your expectations.

Enjoy peace of mind.

It can be stressful juggling all the details. Travel should be fun and without worry, making the most of your precious time away. We serve as a constant resource throughout the process and when things don’t go quite as planned, we work quickly to make it right. You will have access to your personalized itinerary and travel documents (from hotel confirmations to train tickets) all in one place, accessible offline anywhere in the world so you never have to wonder where you’re off to next!

Bottom line.

We’re passionate about travel, service, and delighting our customers.

We’re different from other travel options in our long-term approach to developing deep relationships with our clients and travel partners around the globe.

You will always have a live voice and someone as your travel advocate providing that personal touch.

Why go?

From the shores of Zanzibar to the peaks of the Dolomites, there is so much of the globe that lies undiscovered to most tourists. We assist you in become an explorer, escaping your everyday routines and truly experiencing the world wherever you might be headed.

This world holds many amazing locations that are just waiting for you. We aid you in considering new destinations recommended based on your personal travel style and have the ability to craft an itineraries to the far-flung corners of the globe in comfort that you’ll remember as some of your best days.

Memories last a lifetime. Most children cannot remember what they received for Christmas last year but they can always, for the rest of their lives, tell you about the family trips they enjoyed! Building lasting memories as a family (whether big or small) is the best gift, along with a great education, that you can give or recieve. We love the goal of experiencing something in each destination that cannot be done anywhere else. Let us help turn your dreams into a reality!


Jessica is absolutely incredible. Words cannot express how above and beyond she goes for her clients every single time to ensure they have the best and most memorable experience possible. This is our fourth trip with Jessica, and she somehow only manages to get better every time. She has connections with the best hotels, restaurants, guides, services, drivers, and beyond in the travel industry.

Most importantly, she adds a personal touch and genuine care that cannot be beat. She truly cares about her clients and their experiences more than anyone I know and could have ever imagined. I’ve previously only used a travel advisor when traveling internationally… now, I won’t even go a few hours away without having Jessica facilitate our trip. The convenience, perks, care, attention, amenities and service that she provides is simply unbeatable and exceeding of the highest expectations every time. Thank you, Jessica, for making our experiences with you more special than we could ever imagine!

Jessica helped us plan one of the most memorable vacations we’ve ever had. Lapland was honest-to-goodness magical, a true winter wonderland, and the family had an incredible time. All the activities were beyond expectations, are we were able to see the Aurora on several occasions, including Christmas night in the glass bubbles. Leading up to the trip, she was patient and meticulous, which I greatly appreciated.  She took the most stressful part out of the vacation so that we could just enjoy.


Jessica is fantastic. She planed the perfect trip to Patagonia for us. She worked closely with us to customize the trip based on our preferences and helped us change around the dates when we had a last-minute conflict come up. Most importantly, she helped get us evacuated out of Chile when one of us tested positive for Covid on our travels. She worked around the clock to help get us home safe. We could not have survived what was a pretty scary international experience without her! She handle the crisis with calmness and the utmost professionalism. I would definitely recommend working with Jessica to any and all travelers. Thank you Jessica!!


Traveling on one of Jessica’s itineraries is an experience of a lifetime! Our trip to New Zealand was truly exquisite. Her ability to understand not only your travel style but your family’s is uncanny. She was able to embed special moments for each of us, and build an itinerary that had us all delighted. Each day was thought through with care and every detail was managed to perfection. Simply put, we can’t imagine traveling without Jessica’s guidance again!


Walks Around the World designs custom journeys that take you to experience the world.

We tailor every trip based on your unique interests and travel style, providing access to adventures and places you never knew existed.

Our mission is to surprise and delight, provide unparalleled service, and develop long-term relationships that span the globe.